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How Can I Sign Up For a KeJoy Subscription ?

You can now sign up for 12, 20, or 40 donuts delivered monthly, directly through our site's shop. 

1. Click "SHOP"

2. Select your desired quantity & flavors

3. Scroll down to purchase, select the "subscribe and save" option & continue with your purchase. Your order will be fulfilled monthly, until cancelled. 

FAQ For Current Subscribers 


How can I change my flavors?

Change your flavors at anytime by clicking HERE and filling out the link

How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your subscription hassle free at anytime by clicking the chat button below, or email us directly at

When will my subscription arrive?

You will be charged each month on the day you signed up, the order will be fulfilled on the following Monday via 2-day shipping

How do I change my shipping address?

Please send us your new address via the chat box below, or by emailing us directly at and we will have it updated for your next order

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